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Centrelink/DVA will advise you via a letter once the assessment is completed on what means tested fee you will be required to pay, if any.

A facility in no way benefits from this fee. The government reduces the subsidies they receive for the care they provide to the resident.

Means Tested care fees are capped on an annual and lifetime basis.
Once you have reached your cap you will only be asked to pay the basic daily care fee and your agreed costs.

Accommodation payments (Entry Fees)
The RAD payment is the fee to fund the resident’s accommodation
These payments contribute towards the cost of accommodation in a residential aged care facility. It is only paid if the resident’s assets exceed the amount determined by the government.

The payment method must be decided within 28 days of entering care.

The entry fee (lump sum component) is fully refundable when the resident departs. A certificate of probate is required if the resident passes away. Upon receipt of probate certificate the entry fee will be refunded in full within 14 days.

Payment method can be either:
•  Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD); or Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC)
•  Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) ; or Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC)
•  Or a combination of both.